Wisconsin Cheese and Wisconsin Cheese Boxes Delivered Nationwide!

The Homestead Cheese story began over a century ago in 1912, when Edwin and Pauline Knaus set out to create Wisconsin's Finest cheese. From day one, they carefully crafted a variety of quality Wisconsin cheese products from the finest ingredients available.

Edwin and Pauline had a simple, yet powerful, philosophy that has never waivered: create the very best products possible, and always take pride in your work — no matter how small the task.

Homestead Cheese is now in its fourth generation as a family-owned company. Although each generation has been involved in different aspects of cheese making, and much has changed over the years, each of us has honored Edwin and Pauline's philosophy. We still make Wisconsin's Finest cheese products with the same ingredients of quality and family pride.

Today, our family manages all aspects of the business from milk-to-market, from our family to yours. We start with milk from local, family-owned dairy farms and manufacture our cheese products in state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin. Homestead sources and distributes Wisconsin's Finest cheese and dairy products throughout our great nation.

If you're in the area, please stop in and visit our store at 109 South Thompson Road in Sun Prairie, WI!  We are open:

Monday 8AM-5PM
Tuesday 8AM-5PM
Wednesday 8AM-12PM
Thursday 8AM-5PM
Friday 8AM-5PM
Saturday 8AM-12PM

If you're looking for any Cheese which cannot be found on our website, give us a call at 608 837 5166.